Q. Why should we trust S.W.A.T. to have our son’s best interest at heart?
A. S.W.A.T. a division of Solid Foundation Baseball School, Inc. has been training players for over 15 years and has made a living out of caring for the well being of our students. We take very seriously the needs of our students. The percentage of students who come back to us year after year is extremely high. (Click her for SFBS testimonials) We attribute this to God’s blessing on our organization and the amount of care and attention given to each student.

Q. Who will be the coaches for my son’s elite team?
A. The coaches will be interviewed to see if they qualify to be S.W.A.T. coaches. They will be interviewed by the MN SWAT staff. They will all have background checks done on them as they will be the leaders of young men and we expect them to behave in a upright way. Some of the coaches will be current SFBS instructors. We plan to have 2 paid coaches for each elite team. One head coach and one assistant.

Q. How many players will be on a team?
A. There will be 12 or 13 players to a team. If a player is unable to make a tournament or gets injured, the MN S.W.A.T. has the right to fill his spot on the roster with another player not affiliated with S.W.A.T. Each team may have a PO (pitcher only) play or two added if S.W.A.T. thinks it is necessary.

Q. Can I order MN S.W.A.T. merchandise?
A. The 2022-2023 online store will be coming soon!

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